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Support Harley Helping Hands through your everyday online shopping


We are excited to announce that Harley Helping Hands has joined GiveBack.org!


At www.giveback.org you can shop at 400+ merchants and a % of your purchase will go to HHH!

(No additional cost to you; the merchant will donate a % of your purchase to HHH)


Please follow these easy steps to get set up…Then Shop & Earn $$$ for Harley Helping Hands!

(These steps are not as complex as they look–It only takes a few minutes!)


These steps only need to be completed once to set-up your account:

Go to www.giveback.org; click Sign Up. You will be prompted to set up your “foundation” (i.e. your account) by populating your information.


Once the registration process is completed, return to the My Foundation tab; Click on My Charities  and follow these steps:

  • Click Add a Charity
  • Type Harley Helping Hands in the search box
  • Click the Harley Helping Hands, INC hyper link
  • Click Follow under the Get Involved Menu on the right side of your screen
  • A pop-up box will appear, Click the Green Bar Follow in My Foundation
  • Click Go to My Foundation, If completed correctly, you will see HHH in the “My Charities” box

You are now ready to use the site whenever you shop online! 

Follow these steps when you are ready to shop:

Go to www.giveback.org and sign in using your log-in and password


Click the Shop & Earn tab and follow these steps:

  • We recommend clicking on the Shop by Merchant tab to view all retailers available on the site.
  • Click the retailer where you would like to shop, a pop-up box will appear with the retailer’s logo and the % of your purchase they give back to your charity.
  • Click Shop Now icon and you will be connected to that retailer’s website.
  • You can now shop and check-out on the retailer’s website as you normally would.
  • NOTE: It is critical you always go to the retailer’s website through GiveBack.org
  • NOTE: After your purchase is complete, you will not see a confirmation of the GiveBack.org contribution on the retailer’s receipt .


Follow these instructions when you are ready to “donate” your earnings to Harley Helping Hands

Within a few weeks of completing any online purchases through GiveBack.org; you will receive an email notifying you when the $$ has posted to your GiveBack.org account.  When you are ready to submit the funds you have accumulated in your account to Harley Helping Hands follow these steps:

  • Go to the My Foundation tab, Click Donate
  • Select Harley Helping Hands in the Give To drop down box
  • Enter the $ amount you would like to donate (based on your account balance)
  • Click Give Now
  • Harley Helping Hands will receive your donation from GiveBack.org
  • NOTE:  The money you accumulate in your GiveBack.org account will not become “available” to donate until you have exceeded the merchant’s return window
  • NOTE: Every little bit helps! You may only accumulate a few dollars per purchase; however if you use the site frequently a few dollars per purchase can add up quickly!  We recommend you use this site for all online purchases and every few months transfer your GiveBack.org account balance to HHH (vs. after every purchase).

For more details please use the FAQ section at www.giveback.org

Thank you for your continued support of  Harley Helping Hands!